About Us

During the past 30 years, The Wood Gallery, Inc. has experienced steady growth. With this growth, we strive to maintain a balance that allows us to accommodate the new designs and custom requirements presented by our clients and always maintain our personal standards for excellence.

Our past position in the high-end furniture and mill work fields has given us the eyes for top quality and our devotion to the highest standards ensures the customer of receiving materials equal to or beyond their expectations.

Our History

In 1974, The Wood Gallery, Inc. was created from a vision to produce exclusive custom wood furniture for clients demanding superior craftsmanship and the finest materials. As designers and manufacturers of high-end custom wood designs, The Wood Gallery, Inc. recognized a shortage of select wood veneers and paneling that were necessary to produce furniture of the uppermost quality. Over time, the business of The Wood Gallery, Inc. evolved to fill that absence in the marketplace and is now devoted entirely to the manufacturing of the select quality wood panels and veneers that are demanded of custom architectural designs and fine furniture.

Today, the business has grown to serve more than 350 in its current customer base and millions of square feet of wood paneling and architectural panels on an annual basis. Our work has been showcased in a multitude of projects and designs ranging from office paneling to aircraft interiors to board room tables. Our client list has grown to include a variety of customers throughout North America, as well as international clients in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Japan, Antigua & Saudi Arabia.